Welcome to the realm of Dreams Oriented Computing!

this site is about explaining what I call Dreams Oriented Computing and preparing material for it. My purpose is to include goals of ultimate ease of use, desirability, and support for ethically sound functioning under one “framework” that serves guiding development.

Making this material available is my effort to make the world better by introducing a way to think about ethics in information technology that ties together with practical purpose services – but I need your help! There is much to say and I can currently spend unfortunately quite a little time for writing, as working in customer projects gives me living. And being non-native English speaker doesn’t actually help, as I’m sure you see from even these first published texts. 8^)

If you want to help, you can comment the text in Google Docs via links that are available on pages. To prevent automated spam, the pages are in draft phase password protected, you get the password by registering to this site. The password is not big secret and you can tell it to anyone that you think might be interested in helping out – commenting, suggesting fixes, asking questions, requesting clearer expression at some specific text etc.

Google Docs is good as it allows commenting easily on some specific part of the text (and you also might have Google username already, so you don’t need any other registration). Any comments very welcome! If you don’t understand something, it is very likely that the reason is in my ability to write and not in your understanding.

Pages with text “NYR” (Not Yet Released) are not yet available for collaborative editing / commenting, but my aim is to allow anyone who has registered to the site see early drafts of those texts soon.

Yours sincerely,
Mikko Mäkelä
fellow dreamer